Exclusive stills, plus U.S. release info, poster art: new “PATRICK”


The remake of the Ozploitation classic PATRICK is coming to the U.S.—with a new subtitle. We got some exclusive photos to share, along with the poster art and Stateside release details.

Phase 4 Films will release the rechristened PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS March 14 in select theaters and on VOD. Directed by Mark Hartley, who celebrated Richard Franklin’s original PATRICK in his documentary NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, the new film stars YOU’RE NEXT’s Sharni Vinson as nurse Kathy Jacquard (pictured above and in 1st photo below the poster), who begins work at a remote, Gothic psychiatric hospital and is introduced to Patrick, a comatose patient being experimented on by head doctor Roget (Charles Dance, 2nd photo below) and his second-in-command, Matron Cassidy (Rachel Griffiths, 3rd photo below). She soon discovers that Patrick has telekinetic abilities, which violently threaten the lives of everyone at the clinic. Vinson discusses the film in Fango #330, currently on sale.






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