Exclusive Track Breakdown: Surgikill’s “SANGUINARY REVELATIONS”!


If Hell is still looking for a house band, someone should point its talent acquisition manager in the general direction of Surgikill, stat.

SANGUINARY REVELATIONS—the debut album from this underground metal supergroup featuring the legendary Stevo do Caixao of Impetigo fame, Howling/Wooden Stake mainwoman Vanessa Nocera, Ash Thomas and Zdenka Prado of Estuary, Billy Nocera of Razorback Records/Scaremaker, and William Sievers—is not only very likely the best death metal record of the year, its lyrical content is also steeped in allusions straight outta the deepest, nastiest horror cinema gutters.

Vanessa Nocera—who some readers may recall as the composer of this brutal tribute to legendary FANGO/GOREZONE scribe Chas Balun—was kind enough to give us this exclusive track by track breakdown…

“Murderous Thirst”
This song is inspired by George A. Romero’s film MARTIN. Since the movie is a character study, I wrote the song from his point of view and—dare I say—I tried to make it sound tragic as I’ve always seen the character as a sad, lonely person who does what he can to sate his bloodlust.

“Relentless Revenge”
In this song, inspired by Ruggero Deodato’s sleazy classic HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK, the story of the movie is told throughout the song but not so much in “book report” detailing as some movie lyrics can be. I even incorporated lyrics from two of the songs in the movie “Sweetly” and “Much More”—”Sweetly, oh sweetly they get their revenge/Give it to him once more until he meets his end”—which were written by Riz Ortolani, just for those listening who are also fans of the film.

“Psychopathic Awakenings”
Another character study song where I wrote the lyrics from the point of view of the character from the film NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN. I have the most fun writing in that style because I think it helps invoke a better vocal performance because you feel like you’re in the mind of the maniac.

“Black Angel Assassin”
Half point of view, and half storytelling, this time the character study is of the female lead in Abel Ferrara’s rape vigilante classic MS. 45 from 1980. In the film, she’s a mute, so this makes her a mystery but I wrote what I felt would be her thoughts.

“Devil Haunted Dreams”
This song is based off the dark, haunting film INCUBUS from 1981, which is essentially about a demon who fatally rapes women. The film is bleak, and there is no happy ending. When I wrote the lyrics, my goal was to incorporate all I could about the supernatural past causing the fatalities in the modern world.

“Realm of the Resurrected”
Sometimes my favorite lyrics are the ones where I’m writing it as a threat to the listener and putting them in the situation the victims are in the films, and in this case the film is DEAD & BURIED—another bleak film from the early ’80s.

“Alchemy Death Queen”
This is one of my favorite songs because I loved writing the lyrics. It was inspired by Dario Argento’s INFERNO and it’s basically about Mater Tenebrarum – the mother of darkness. I incorporated alchemy, her flooded ballroom in the film, her powers, and the fact that she is the embodiment of death.

“The Bleeder”
Inspired by the 1982 film ALONE IN THE DARK, this song is actually not about the movie itself but instead just about one of the killers who escapes from the asylum referred to as “The Bleeder.” His moniker comes from the fact that his nose bleeds every time he kills someone. The actor who played the part really looked unhinged in the movie and it provoked the lyrics to just flow out of me. For those who have never seen the film…watch it. The twist at the end makes it worth it.

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