Exclusive trailer, pics: the “BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE” is coming!


An old-school slasher is coming to paint your home screen red as Wild Eye Releasing unleashes BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE ON DVD in April. We’ve got the first look at the trailer and a couple of exclusive photos.

Directed by Manny Serrano in the style of ’80s stalk-and-kill flicks, complete with the appropriate soundtrack, BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE arrives April 21. It stars Matt W. Cody, Mike Roche, Byron M. Howard, Carmela Hayslett, Melissa Roth, Darlene Heller; here’s the synopsis: “Ten years ago, the sleepy suburb of Havenwood was plagued by a string of unsolved murders by a masked maniac remembered only as The Ripper. Now a new series of killings has begun, and teenagers are turning up dead everywhere. But can The Ripper be stopped this time around?” The copious special features are:

• Audio commentary by director/co-writer/editor Manny Serrano, producer/AD/FX creator Lindsay Serrano and co-writer/cinematographer Louie Cortes
• Over 12 minutes of deleted scenes
• Extended scenes
• Behind-the-scenes featurette
• VHS rip of the BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE promo tape, containing the three faux trailers the film is based upon
• “Demons of the Night” music video by Midnight Flashback, with footage from the film
• The Ripper action figure toy commercial, starring Johnny Dickie of SLAUGHTER TALES

Retail price is $14.95; find out more about the movie at its Facebook page.




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