Exclusive trailer, plus release details/art: “DEVIL’S MILE”


Drive like hell and you might wind up on the DEVIL’S MILE, in the crime/horror hybrid that pulls onto assorted video platforms this summer. We’ve got an exclusive look at the latest trailer, plus the cover art and release info.

Phase 4 Films sends DEVIL’S MILE onto DVD and VOD/digital August 12; the disc will include audio commentary and a behind-the-scenes segment and retail for $29.99. The movie, which we previously covered here, was written and directed by Joseph O’Brien, features a score by Fango’s own Chris Alexander and stars David Hayter (screenwriter on the first two X-MEN movies and WATCHMEN), Maria Del Mar, Casey Hudecki and RABID’s Frank Moore. The synopsis: “Fleeing a botched kidnapping, a gang of desperate ex-convicts and their terrified teenaged hostages take an ill-advised detour down a dark stretch of haunted highway. As tensions rise and events spiral violently out of control, captors and captives alike are trapped on the road and attacked by the sinister supernatural forces lurking upon it. Now they must fight together to escape the evil pursuing them and somehow survive the horror that waits at the end of the Devil’s Mile.”


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