Exclusive trailer reveals “APPETITES” for blood and more


A hot couple with a taste for warm blood slay their way through the Southwest in APPETITES, coming next month. We’ve got the exclusive first look at the latest trailer.

RLJ/Image Entertainment releases APPETITES on DVD August 4; Cameron Casey directed from a script by Darren Bevill, with a cast headed by Bret Roberts, Lauren Parkinson, Travis Eberhard and James Duval. The synopsis: “Daisy [Parkinson] is the all-American girl next door, with a hunger for true love and an appetite for murder. For years, it’s just been her and her brother living out in the desert, hunting young men for sport—and dinner. While Daisy enjoys these games, she can’t help but yearn for something more. So when she meets the very handsome John Doe [Roberts], and they fall madly in love, Daisy can’t believe her good fortune. But it turns out John has some eccentric hobbies of his own, and now Daisy must find out if she will be his partner in crime—or his next victim.”


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