How do you set a slasher sequel apart? By making it the first in the series. There was never a first or second PICK-AXE MURDERS, but the “third” in the slasher franchise is coming soon, and we’ve got the exclusive trailer premiere.

Writer/director Jeremy Sumrall provided us with the preview of THE PICK-AXE MURDERS III: THE FINAL CHAPTER that you can see below. The homage to ’80s slasher-franchise horror sees the murderous Alex Black (Jayson Champion) coming back from the dead to terrorize Adrienne (Tiffany Shepis), a survivor of his previous rampages, and slaughter lots of other people along the way. A. Michael Baldwin of the PHANTASM films, Ashley-Marie Zgabay, THE HOWARD STERN SHOW’s Sal “The Stockbroker” Governale and TNA IMPACT! wrestler Shawn Hernandez are also among the cast, and SWEATSHOP’s Kristi Boul handled the makeup FX. See our set-visit feature on PICK-AXE MURDERS III in GOREZONE #30, now on sale here, and visit the movie’s Facebook page.

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