Exclusive trailer: “WRATH OF THE CROWS”


Ivan Zuccon, the Italian auteur behind COLOUR FROM THE DARK, NYMPHA and others, has his new shocker WRATH OF THE CROWS world-premiering in Los Angeles next week, and we’ve got an exclusive new teaser trailer to share with you.

Zuccon tells Fango, “I was unsure whether or not to make a new trailer before the world premiere, but in the end I decide to put together a very fast and short teaser, because I want to maintain the mystery around the movie as much as possible. I’ve changed the tagline to something more direct for the audience. I’m so excited about the premiere, which I will be attending with some of the cast. This is one of the most important screenings of my career.”

That cast includes Fango fave Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Tara Cardinal, Domiziano Archangeli, Suzi Lorraine and Michael Segal, and the premiere takes place next Thursday, May 2 at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Boulevard). WRATH OF THE CROWS, written by Zuccon and Gerardo Di Filippo, takes place in a prison where the inmates suffer horrible, degrading treatment and fear an unseen presence known as the Judge, and where a new arrival named Princess (Shepis) brings a supernatural element to the scenario.

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