Exclusive U.S. DVD art: Israeli zombie actioner “BATTLE OF THE UNDEAD”


With RABIES and BIG BAD WOLVES taking the international genre scene by storm, more Israeli filmmakers have been moving into horror territory. One such production is BATTLE OF THE UNDEAD (originally titled CANNON FODDER), a war/horror hybrid coming to U.S. DVD next year; we’ve got the info and an exclusive first look at the cover art.

Screen Media Films releases BATTLE OF THE UNDEAD on disc March 18, 2014. Written and directed by Eitan Gafny, the movie follows Israeli security operative Doron (Liron Levo) as he goes on a mission with an elite squad to Lebanon to capture a Hezbollah terrorist leader. Upon arriving, they discover an even worse threat amassing: the dead, risen from their graves. The cast also includes Roi Miller, Emos Ayeno, Amit Leor and Shira Katzenelenbogen. The DVD will present the movie in anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen with 5.1 Surround sound; no special features have been announced. Check out the trailer (under the CANNON FODDER title) below the art.


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