Exclusive video: “AMERICAN MARY’s” Tristan Risk talks her new film “AYLA”; director comments

The creator of the acclaimed independent shocker GUT is preparing to shoot his new movie AYLA, previously known as “A.” and starring Tristan Risk from AMERICAN MARY. The actress discusses the project in a video you can see exclusively after the jump, and we have words with the filmmaker as well about the project’s real-life inspiration.

Set to lens this fall in Seattle and the surrounding areas, AYLA stars GUT’s Nicholas Wilder as Elton, a man haunted by the mysterious death of his sister at age 4. He manages to bring her back to life as an adult woman (to be played by Risk, whose video can be seen at the bottom of the page), but the consequences, as one might expect, are horrific.

AYLAEXCRISKVIDEONEWS“I had always wanted to make a ghost story,” writer/director Elias tells Fango, “but I needed to find something personal, an emotional core to wrap a script around. I had a sister who died unexplainably when she was 2—just didn’t wake up one morning. I was only 5 when that happened, so the effect it had on me was not as tangible, and the whole thing didn’t really make sense to me back then. One minute she was there, the next she was just gone. It didn’t feel real in a way, and there was no cause of death, which made it that much harder to understand and connect with emotionally.

“It’s strange how the personal core of a story can be sitting right there in front of you your whole life,” he continues, “and then one day you just see it, and you know this is the emotional root of a story you need to tell. Once I made the decision to write the script, it was as if I’d opened up a box inside myself I never even knew was there, and I suddenly understood and felt how much my sister’s absence had truly affected me. AYLA is my way of telling a ghost story.”

The cast also includes Jennifer Lynn Warren, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, WE ARE STILL HERE’s Andrew Sensenig and the omnipresent Bill Oberst Jr. Clayface Pictures is producing in partnership with The October People’s Matt Medisch, Jeremy Berg and John Portanova. A Kickstarter page to help fund the production has been set up here; you can also visit the movie at its official website, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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