Exclusive: “WE ARE STILL HERE” director talks new film “SATANIC PANIC”


Director Ted Geoghegan, Snowfort Pictures and Dark Sky Films are reuniting from this year’s hit haunted-house feature WE ARE STILL HERE (pictured above) to go to the devil with SATANIC PANIC. We got some exclusive words with Geoghegan on the project.

SATANIC PANIC is about a minimum-wage delivery girl who gets embroiled in the ultimate class conflict when she finds that her wealthy customers are members of a Satan-worshipping cult. Grady Hendrix, author of the recent IKEA-as-hell best seller HORRORSTÖR (currently being developed as a Fox TV series), is scripting the film; producers Travis Stevens of Snowfort and Greg Newman of Dark Sky are encoring from WE ARE STILL HERE, which was a major festival, critical and VOD success earlier this year (see our review here).

“This is going to be a total 180 from WE ARE STILL HERE,” Geoghegan tells FANGORIA, “but I’m certainly hoping to hang onto all of the weird, wonderful things that worked so perfectly the first time around. We’ve got a lot more action and bloodshed in this one, and the comedy is less situational and far more splattery.”

Geoghegan’s previous feature won notice for focusing on middle-aged characters as opposed to the genre’s usual teens and 20somethings, and he promises that will carry through to SATANIC PANIC. “The lead this time around is a young woman, but there are still plenty of adults for her to contend with,” he notes. “I love mature actors, and Grady has been sure to give the script’s adult characters some real meat—and more—to chew on.

“While I’ve known Grady for years and was aware of his skill as an author,” Geoghegan continues, “I didn’t become a fan of his work until I tore through HORRORSTÖR. His mixing of horror and comedy is pitch-perfect. He’s an amazingly funny person, and that shines through in everything he writes, but he never lets that undercut the terror—which he’s also incredibly good at creating. He’s crafted a really solid mix with SATANIC PANIC.”

Casting and a start date have yet to be determined, but we’ll bring you more on SATANIC PANIC as soon as it arises!

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