Exclusive: What Original Ending Didn’t Make The Cut in “SINISTER 2”?


With SINISTER 2 recently ending its theatrical run, fans of the fright film (which FANGORIA gave positive marks last month) now begin their wait for the sequel’s appearance on Digital HD and home media. And while FANGORIA will have more from the SINISTER camp when that time comes, there is one piece of the terrifying tale that fans did not see on the big screen: the original ending!

While FANGORIA would dare not ruin the current ending for SINISTER 2 in any way shape or form, keen eyed viewers will be able to piece together the original ending of SINISTER 2 from the previously released trailers and TV spots alone, which have revealed the multiple ways of giving tribute to Bughuul as well as various shots from the ending in question. When this writer picked up on a context clue from the film and inquired further in an interview with director Ciaran Foy, Foy was surprisingly candid about why the ending in question didn’t make the final cut…

“We had a different ending, which you will be able to see on the Blu-ray, but it was a more quiet and cerebral ending that the test audience didn’t respond to. So we shot a new ending, and obviously, I can’t talk about that or I’d spoil things. But the other ending had a completely different effect on the audience, and when we added the new ending, there was a much bigger reaction and the audience liked it. So I can see why you have to leave the audience with a smile on their face, but I’m fond of that original ending, especially Grace Holuby, who was so good, and since it’s been in much of the promotional material, I’m glad it’ll have some kind of a life outside of the movie.”

So what exactly was the original ending for SINISTER 2 that was left on the cutting room floor? While Foy plead the fifth when it came to confirming the ending, this writer has exclusively learned how SINISTER 2 would have ended, had test audiences reacted differently. Read on beyond the Bughuul to find out…


The original ending for SINISTER 2 features the character of Dr. Stomberg, portrayed by Tate Ellington, and his daughter, portrayed by Grace Holuby, who is briefly seen in the final film via Stomberg’s laptop screenshot. In the original ending, Stomberg is killed by his young daughter with a sledgehammer for acting against Bughuul, and it is implied that the young daughter will transmit the audio of the murder over a Ham radio in a ritualistic tribute to Bughuul. Footage from this scene can be seen in the trailer, TV spots and promotional materials.

There you have it folks! One can certainly see how this would go in line with the bleak ending of the original SINISTER, but this writer also understands that a darker ending isn’t always the most fun plan-of-action. And it’s also important to note that this canned ending is non-canonical, which means you shouldn’t be surprised if the above character shows face in a later SINISTER sequel, should there be another in the fright franchise. So what could possibly have been scarier and more satisfying to audiences than that? You’ll have to find out for yourself in SINISTER 2 hits DVD/Blu-ray and Digital HD later this year!

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