Extraterrestrial Doc “THE MONTAUK CHRONICLES” Hits DVD/Blu-ray


Conspiracy theories of the extraterrestrial variety are intrinsic to American culture. Everybody knows about Area 51, and all the rumors of government conspiracies and alien autopsies that supposedly are happening on its grounds. But why should one patch of land in New Mexico get all of the Alien-related hype?

Writer/director Christopher Garetano’s long gestating documentary THE MONTAUK CHRONICLES answers that question with a probing story about the Montauk Project, a series of experiments allegedly conducted beneath the now abandoned Camp Hero Air Force base in the aforementioned town located at the tip of Long Island, New York.

Through a combination of talking head interviews (three of whom are men who claim to have been experimented upon when the experiments happened throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s) and cinematic recreations which manage to produce some surreal and truly haunting visuals of malevolent aliens, grievous bodily harm, and unstable happenings of a phantasmagorical nature.

The film, which won the Best Documentary Award at the 2015 Philip K. Dick Film Festival, is a disturbing meditation on the possibilities of alien life as well as the depths of human cruelty, and has garnered positive reviews from all corners of the genre press (most notably from FANGORIA magazine editor-in-chief Chris Alexander).

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Now, FANGORIA is excited to announce details of the film’s DVD/Blu-Ray release! The film is currently available on either disc-based format, and both iterations host a bevy of interesting special features, including:

— Two “making of” documentaries

— An extended look at the filmmaker’s Camp Hero Investigation (BLU RAY EXCLUSIVE)

—  Extended interviews with the survivors of the experiments (Full extended interviews are a BLU RAY EXCLUSIVE)

The discs can be purchased via Amazon.com and the film’s website, and would no doubt prove to be a featured selection in any alien enthusiast/ conspiracy theorist’s film collection.

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