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Originally posted on 2010-09-01 17:12:16 by Jeff Tuttle

For many hardcore and punk bands, summertime in America means it’s time for the Warped Tour. In turn, Warped Tour for many hardcore and punk bands means two months of setting up in sweaty stadium parking lots and some of the hottest days El Diablo can conjure up. This is the tour that began when I was in high school (mid-‘90s) as a collection of underground artists and extreme sports stars traveling the country to entertain the nation’s misunderstood youth.

Over the past 15-ish years, though, the Warped Tour has grown to become a mainstay amongst rebellious teenagers and those who want to dig past the flowery surface of FM radio and wade in the delightful obscurity of indie pay dirt. The Dillinger Escape Plan had the distinctive honor of completing this year’s musical marathon, and I had a chance to catch up with some old friends from all over the country and pick up a few new horror titles along the way.

Our pit stop in New York was accompanied by a visit from Fango scribe and good friend Samuel Zimmerman. The evening was replete with delicious tri-tip steak, tons of great music and a screening of Frank Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY. His first in 16 years, BAD BIOLOGY is the tale of two sexual miscreants (to put it lightly) who find each other as the body count rises in true Henenlotter fashion. The night’s mantra was provided by a bevy of disoriented passersby continually shouting “What the f*ck are you watching?!?!” An autonomous mutant penis? A girl with seven clits who gives birth within minutes of conception? Thanks for the memories, Frank.

A couple days later, I took the train into NYC and met up with Sam at the FANGORIA offices. He gave me a quick tour that included a glimpse into the vault that houses all the Fango back issues. This vault is more of a closet, but I was nonetheless giddy to witness the annals of horror’s history in all of their blood-splattered glory

As always, a trip to NYC cannot be complete without a stop at Mondo Kim’s Video. After spending a king’s ransom, I walked out with an armful of titles, highlighted by the recent exploitation throwback gem BLACK DEVIL DOLL. By this time, my reputation of clearing the lounge area on our bus with my cinematic choices had grown to staggering heights. A film about a jive-talking black activist/rapist/racist/murderer who is reincarnated into a doll, a la CHILD’S PLAY, only to wreak havoc on a houseful of big-titted bimbos with his knife and penis was the perfect flick to continue my track record.

All in all, it was a great summer. Killer friends, killer bands and bloody movies. In my next installment, I’ll talk about some of the films that were given to me by some friends that fought alongside me in the Warped Tour trenches. Stay tuned and stay brutal!!!

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