Fango editor Chris Alexander goes a “DEVIL’S MILE”


Outside of sitting as Fango’s tireless chief, Chris Alexander is also a tireless macabre music maker and he’ll be doing just that in Joe O’Brien’s upcoming bit of crime horror, DEVIL’S MILE.

The film, working with the classic criminals-cum-victims structure finds a trio of kidnappers who take an ill-advised detour en route to deliver their hostages, two teenage girls, to their mysterious and powerful employer.  When they accidentally kill one of the girls during a botched escape attempt, their simmering mistrust explodes into shocking violence.  But what they thought was their worst case scenario is only the beginning, as they are engulfed by the hellish forces that haunt the road, a road they realize they may never escape.  Now captors and captive must fight together to escape the monstrous forces pursuing them and somehow survive…

“I always think of myself as a musician first, with my writing and now, image-making being an extension of an emotional connection I have to sound and rhythm,” says Alexander, who previously scored the Stephen King-based short ONE FOR THE ROAD and his own directing debut, BLOOD FOR IRINA.  “Having the honor to tackle Joe’s first film is exciting for me because he has always understood how potent music is in horror, how it can be just as, if not often more so, as vital a character in a film as the cast. Devil’s Mile is a dirty, claustrophobic and highly original genre flick. It’s been a joy splashing my sounds all over it, being able to articulate my musical impression over Joe’s very specific vision. Hopefully this is one of many more projects to come.”

O’Brienm who’s written for both Fango and Rue Morgue, adds, “I’ve long been an admirer of Chris’s work as a writer, scholar and cheerleader for the horror genre, and I was a big fan of his album MUSIC FOR MURDER.  So when the opportunity arose to bring his dark creative sensibilities to the project, I jumped at it. We share a common language of horror movies and movie music.  I told him I was looking for something in the vein of the PRINCE OF DARKNESS score by way of PROFONDO ROSSOera Goblin, and Chris just smiled and nodded and replied ‘You want a darker BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.’  He’s a perfect fit for the film.”

For more on DEVIL’S MILE, you can find its official Facebook here.

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