Fango editor explores “THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY” in new book


FANGORIA’s Chris Alexander  delves into one of the all time greats.

An exhaustive tome, THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY aims to take readers episode-by-episode, as accompanied by both traditional guide and interviews and essays with celebrities of every kind, from every corner of the pop culture spectrum, citing their personal favorite episodes and the effect they had upon them personally and professionally.

Alexander explains, “THE TWILIGHT ZONE is my favorite TV show of all time. But more importantly, it is an example of the influence of a man who in my estimation–and many others–is one of the greatest American writers, Rod Serling. THE TWILIGHT ZONE wasn’t just a three act, half hour horror program, it was concentrated poetry, soulful observations on the folly of the human condition that used the fantastic to sell that soul. It was a portal in which Serling exploited to secretly change the face of not only genre filmmaking but in many ways, mankind. To be able to write this book is a gift and I hope I can do a small part in honoring Serling’s memory and legacy.”

Bear Manor Media has set THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY for publication in early 2014. For more, visit their official site.

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