FANGO Scribe to Resurrect Iconic Dark Culture Magazine


Noted genre journo, FANGORIA contributor and author Thom Carnell (NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED) is bringing back the magazine that put him on the map:  Gothic music and dark culture periodical CARPE NOCTEM.

In 1994, Carnell and his wife/partner Catia launched their unique vision of a literate and informed “dark art” journal in CARPE NOCTEM. The publication was unlike any other mag available at the time. And though that magazine ceased publication at the end of the decade, last October the couple launched a Kickstarter campaign to resurrect the title. They made their goal and now the duo are back in business.

The newly revived first issue of CARPE NOCTEM includes interviews with FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND cover artist Basil Gogos, Lucio Fulci composer Fabio Frizzi, stand-up comic Christina Paszitzky, artist Bill Sienkiewicz, author Jillian Venters (GOTHIC CHARM SCHOOL), comic artist Joe Jusko, director/animator Phil Mucci, TETSUO: THE IRON MAN director Shin’ya Tskukamoto, and musician/FANGO friend Aurelio Voltaire.


Also inside will be profiles of artists Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden Corsetry, Chad Michael Ward, Nicole Valentine, John Carey, Thomas Dodd, Ken Meyer, Jr., Nick Gucker, Monica Richards, Pamela Wilson, and Paul Komoda. Editorials will include pieces by writers Brian Hodge (WHOM GODS WOULD DESTROY), Caitlin R. Kiernan (THE DROWNING GIRL), Lorelei Shannon (POSSUM KINGDOM), Projekt Records CEO & black tape for a blue girl founder Sam Rosenthal, and musician William Faith (Faith and the Muse, Shadow Project, Christian Death) among others.

Additionally featured will be fiction by Stoker Award-winning authors Brian Keene (THE RISING), Rain Graves (THE GOSSAMER EYE) and Weston Ochse (SEAL TEAM 666). Poetry by Stoker Award-winning poet, Linda J Addison will also be on display as well. Add to that a gorgeous cover by STAR WARS and Z-FILES artist Cliff Nielsen and baby, what a mag!

Orders for the new CARPE NOCTEM magazine (as well as tees and books) are being taken at the mag’s official site: www.carpenoctem20.com. Quantities are limited so don’t delay!


About the author
Chris Alexander
Author, film critic, teacher, musician and filmmaker (not to mention failed boxer) Chris Alexander is the editor-in-chief of FANGORIA Magazine. He got his first professional break as the “Schizoid Cinephile” in the pages of Canadian horror film magazine RUE MORGUE before making the move to FANGO in 2007. His words have appeared in The Toronto Star, Metro News, Wired, Montage, The Dark Side, Tenebre and many other notable publications and he appears regularly on international television and radio.
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