FANGORIA Brings Horror to Cell Phones/iPads

Originally posted on 2010-09-16 16:45:55 by Bekah McKendry

This Halloween FANGORIA magazine will be releasing a brand new app that allows users to read back issues of FANGORIA, the original GOREZONE and FANGORIA Comics, all from their cell phone, ipad, or Droid. FANGORIA has teamed up with iVerse Media, who work with many leading comic and cult media, to make sure this app is ready for release late next month. The app will debut with a free download of a past issue of FANGORIA, as well as several free comics.

The Fango app will let users browse though a list of titles/issues and purchase editions for immediate reading. All of the magazines and comics will be specifically-formatted for the iPhone and iPad screen (Droid coming in December), allowing users to enjoy FANGORIA without zooming or scrolling; the only necessary action will be flicking, which will move from one panel/page to the next. The user interface will be very similar to holding the print copy. Once downloaded, a selected issue will open up with that issue’s cover. A flick of the finger will bring up a table of contents allowing the user to select where in the magazine they’d like to go. In terms of appearance, the app will have a true FANGORIA feel to it so that a reader of the print version will feel right at home looking at the digital edition. Also within the app will be links that can take the user to the FANGORIA website and online store. The FANGORIA Twitter feed can also be linked into the app, giving the user up to the minute horror news updates.

iVerse Media LLC is a digital media company focused on providing simple digital content delivery solutions to the world of print media. Located in Waco, TX, iVerse powers the popular Comics+ comic book reader app, as well as standalone apps for properties such as Archie, Transformers and G.I. Joe. “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with FANGORIA,” says Iverse Media CEO Michael Murphey. “FANGORIA has extremely loyal fans around the world, and we look forward to providing them a great digital reading experience.”

Stay tuned for more details on the FANGORIA app.



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