FANGORIA Editor Chris Alexander Announces Second Feature, “QUEEN OF BLOOD”


With his experimental, largely sensual and dialogue-free BLOOD FOR IRINA now on shelves, Autonomy Pictures and director Chris Alexander have revealed plans for its follow-up, QUEEN OF BLOOD. 

“With my first film, which was an education in filmmaking, I created an unconventional mood piece tackling themes such as death, birth, redemption, addiction and loneliness,” says Alexander.  “With QUEEN OF BLOOD, I will continue to expand on those themes and fuse them into a Horror/Western hybrid which will make it a darker, stranger, visceral film experience. I’m excited that I’m working with Autonomy Pictures again as they give me complete creative freedom to bring my vision to life.”

Per official synopsis, QUEEN OF BLOOD follows the rebirth of Irina (once more portrayed by Shauna Henry), who rises from the center of the Earth, ready to bring a wave of death and madness to the battered wastelands of the Wild West. A parasite who roams the alternately breathtaking and dangerous rural landscape, Irina leaves of path of bloody destruction and victims as she aims her sights on a young widow whose unborn child may hold the secret to Irina’s longevity.  Dark, erotic, beautiful and bizarre, QUEEN OF BLOOD will be an immersive, horror dream and nightmare brought to vivid, violent life.

Skinny Puppy frontman and REPO! actor Nivek Ogre will co-star alongside Henry. QUEEN OF BLOOD is currently in pre-production and expected in Spring of 2014. For more, keep up with the film at its official Facebook.

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