FANGORIA Gets a Parking Spot in “CORMAN’S DRIVE-IN”!


FANGORIA is thrilled to have an ongoing presence in iconic film legend Roger Corman’s new online channel “Corman’s Drive-In”. As we reported here, the legendary producer, director and mogul has launched a wild new subscription based YouTube channel called “Corman’s Drive-In” in which he and his partner and wife Julie blast out hundreds of vintage Corman classics and curiosities padded out with new, original content and words from the celebrated Hollywood alumni whose careers were forged under Roger’s savvy eye.

FANGORIA is honored to have a place in this miasma of movie madness with a weekly segment called “FANGORIA presents Corman’s Classic Pick of the Week” in which Fango editor Chris Alexander gives insightful, fun introductions to some of his favorite films in the Corman cannon. Shot and cut by Zach Ramelan, these nifty easter eggs are entertaining, sometimes edifying additions to many of Roger’s wonderful works like LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND and ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS.

If you haven’t subscribed to “Corman’s Drive-In” do so here and check out a sample of the FANGORIA spot below!

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