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FANGORIA MUSICK: Werewolves in Siberia’s “DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS” Now Available


Last week, FANGORIA announced the soft-launch of our new digital download-only label, FANGORIA MUSICK, with a free download of editor Chris Alexander’s own experimental dark music album BEYOND THE DARKNESS: AN AUDIO NIGHTMARE. We’re now thrilled to announce the second act added to the FANGORIA Musick roster: Werewolves in Siberia!

Electronic musician (and horror fan) Chris Cavoretto’s WEREWOLVES IN SIBERIA project is alive with dread, intensity and eccentricity. Heavily influenced by ’80s era, cinematic synth music with ample doses of rock, hip-hop and hardcore percussion. DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS is an exclusive FANGORIA Musick release, compiling tracks from existing Werewolves albums and laced with some fresh, bloody cuts…

To download your own copy of DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS go here. For more on FANGORIA Musick releases, visit the page here.


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