FANGORIA Podcast Network: 5 Things I Learned From Tom Holland’s “MONSTER PARTY” Appearance


With yesterday’s debut of the first episode of MONSTER PARTY as a part of the FANGORIA Podcast Network, FANGORIA fans were treated to an excellent two-hour chat with horror master Tom Holland as well as hosts Matt Weinhold, Larry Strothe, Shawn Sheridan and James Gonis. And in this engaging episode, the candid filmmaker offered some truly jaw-dropping revelations about his storied career, including behind the scenes stories from CHILD’S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT and more. So for those who need a little more convincing to give this episode of MONSTER PARTY a listen, here’s five things this writer learned from Tom Holland’s honest chat about his history of horror…

  1. If Tom Holland didn’t initially turn down CHILD’S PLAY, Brad Dourif would not have been Charles Lee Ray…

Believe it or not, Tom Holland initially turned down CHILD’S PLAY after over two years of attempting to rewrite Don Mancini’s initial script, entitled BLOODY BUDDY. After turning the project down, THE STEPFATHER director Joseph Ruben boarded the project as Holland moved on to FATAL BEAUTY. But when Holland returned to the project following FATAL BEAUTY (and Ruben’s subsequent exit), he wrote in the character of Charles Lee Ray… and turned to his FATAL BEAUTY baddie Brad Dourif for the role.

  1. …and that’s if Tom Holland didn’t want to cast an actress instead

When Holland did eventually board CHILD’S PLAY, however, he wasn’t 100% sure how he wanted Chucky to sound. At one point, Holland wanted to put an electronic filter on Chucky’s voice, imitating the sound of the toy voice boxes of the time. However, according to Holland, he also considered giving Chucky a woman’s voice, and briefly considered Jessica Walter (of PLAY MISTY FOR ME and, later, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT fame) for the role.

  1. FEARnet needed resolution from a Twisted Tale

Despite FRIGHT NIGHT having been Holland’s first feature, the director told the MONSTER PARTY crew that the project would be the only one in which he received no pressure or studio interference. This extends to Holland’s last filmed project, TOM HOLLAND’S TWISTED TALES, in which the director states that FEARnet was initially unhappy with one of the standout episodes, the Marc Senter-starring “Pizza Guy,” Initially, the horror comedy about a potential occult ritual gone bad was to end on a much more ambiguous note, but FEARnet demanded that Holland provide some resolution for a more clarified climax.

  1. Tom Holland witnessed the birth of DARK SHADOWS

In case you didn’t know, Tom Holland began his career as an actor, appearing under the names of “Tom Fielding” and “Tom Lee Holland.” And during his one-year stint on the ABC soap opera A TIME FOR US (a/k/a A FLAME IN THE WIND), Dan Curtis was one floor above him in the same building, shooting a gothic little soap opera entitled DARK SHADOWS. Yet even stranger was that Tom Holland would later act under Curtis’ direction in one of his last pre-filmmaking acting jobs on the mini-series THE WINDS OF WAR.

  1. Two FRIGHT NIGHT cast members didn’t get along, and you won’t believe why…

This one… is too good to spoil here. Listen to the episode and prepare to have your mind blown

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