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With a little over two weeks until Halloween, THE HORROR SHOW and THE RANTS MACABRE return this week to keep fright fans at bay with their depraved discussions! Whether you prefer the more refined terror talk of THE RANTS MACABRE or the hilarious rapport of THE HORROR SHOW, there’s little denying that the festivity of Halloween is already in the air on both shows. 

Continuing on the theme of Halloween must-see movies, THE HORROR SHOW hosts Sean and Joe talk Kevin Tenney’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! After finding it among many listener’s lists, Sean and Joe check out this chilling cult classic and discuss, complete with Sean singing (poorly) and more fan-requested required Halloween viewing! You can catch this new episode and past episodes of the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn or Android users can enter the RSS Feed into your third party podcast listening application such as BeyondPod. And if you like the show, please be sure to subscribe, leave a review on iTunes and follow THE HORROR SHOW on Facebook and Twitter!

Also, this episode of THE HORROR SHOW is sponsored by After Dark Films, who bring back the 8 Films To Die For this Friday, October 16th! And for the first time, not only can fans catch all eight films in theaters- including RE-KILL, UNNATURAL, WIND WALKERS, LUMBERJACK MAN, THE WICKED WITHIN, MURDER IN THE DARK, SUSPENSION and BASTARD- but you can binge watch all eight films on Digital HD platforms as well! You can pre-order the 8 Films To Die For via Amazon, and you can find theater listings and more information HERE.

Meanwhile, Darren and Mindy take this week on THE RANTS MACABRE to figure out whether or not they FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! Do our trusted hosts find themselves immersed in the West Coast-set zombie spin-off? Or could they go without even more serialized melodrama about the undead? You can find out for yourself in the latest episode of THE RANTS MACABRE, now on iTunes, Stitcher or you can add the RSS Feed into your third party podcast listening application. You can also follow THE RANTS MACABRE on Facebook and Twitter. Check back next week for even more from THE HORROR SHOW and THE RANTS MACABRE!

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