FANGORIA Podcast Network: Darren & Mindy Explore EVP and “WHITE NOISE” on “THE RANTS MACABRE”


With November coming to a close, THE RANTS MACABRE showed its thanks for THE FINAL GIRLS, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, THE FINAL GIRLS and the work of comic book writer Scott Snyder. Now, with a surely wicked winter ahead of us, THE RANTS MACABRE changes gears this week with something entirely different than what listeners may be accustomed to. That’s right: Darren & Mindy are going to explore Electronic Voice Phenomena… both fictional and real in a very personal way.

That’s right: THE RANTS MACABRE hosts Darren & Mindy took the opportunity to try to engage with spirits at Mindy’s former residence, which was once the site of a brutal murder. In between these segments, our hosts look back at the fictional depiction of EVP, specifically in the films WHITE NOISE and WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT, and compare those fictional experiences to their own. You can check out the FREE episode below, and you can check out WHITE NOISE and its sequel on DVD and Blu-ray.


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