FANGORIA Podcast Network: Director Corin Hardy talks “THE HALLOW” on a BONUS episode of “THE RANTS MACABRE”


Scary, gorgeous, violent and fantastically executed, THE HALLOW is the type of horror film fright fans have been clamoring for. A tale of a family under siege by terrifying creatures, Corin Hardy proves he’s a genre talent to be watched with THE HALLOW, providing a monster movie that’s all too rare nowadays. But don’t take our word for it, as you can listen to Hardy himself talk about THE HALLOW and more on this week’s bonus episode of THE RANTS MACABRE!

On this very special episode of THE RANTS MACABRE, hosts Darren & Mindy talk to auteur Corin Hardy about his artwork, his debut creature feature and his future in the horror genre. As compelling and fascinating as THE RANTS MACABRE is usually, this interview marks one of their strongest episodes to date. You can check FREE episode below, and check out both THE HALLOW this Friday, November 6th from IFC Midnight.


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