FANGORIA Podcast Network: Joe DeRosa & Patrick Walsh’s 5 Most Hated Horror Tropes


This Monday, FANGORIA debuts our first original podcast on the FANGORIA Podcast Network, WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL. Hosted by comedian/actor Joe DeRosa (“BETTER CALL SAUL”) and writer Patrick Walsh (“IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA”), WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL offers commentaries on your favorite streaming fright flicks like no other, often descending into ball-breaking and irreverence that only our hosts could provide. And to give fans a look at DeRosa and Walsh’s taste for terror, FANGORIA caught up with the gruesome twosome about what five horror tropes they’d like to see rest in peace…


5. Uncalled For, Inexplicably Foreign Monster Experts

DEROSA: We actually were talking about JEEPERS CREEPERS before and this very topic came up. This is one of the worst horror movie tropes of all times, where a woman with an inexplicable island accent shows up and goes, “Let me tell you what you need to know about the monster, man!” It’s always unnecessary, and it’s kind of racist. It never works.

WALSH: It also never seems to help, either. They always show up and have some kind of a monologue and then go away, and the kids usually die anyways. It’s awful and I don’t know why they do it.


4. Non-Fatal Stakes

WALSH: I am tired of jump scares, especially because nowadays it’s like there are these ghost movies where the entire things are jump scares and nobody dies. I remember that slashers used to be so scary because someone always got brutally murdered in the first few minutes and that set the tone for, “Whoa, if that guy died, then anything can happen.” But if you go through an entire movie and no one dies, then no one was in danger and I don’t really care.

DEROSA: It’s almost like they’re afraid to kill people because they won’t have a happy ending. I saw the POLTERGEIST remake, which I hated, and by the time it came to an end, no one died and there was this fuckin’ happy ending. Why would a horror movie have a happy ending? And if someone dies, then at least a horror movie doesn’t have a completely happy ending.

WALSH: Yeah, and a happy ending kind of kills the heroism of the characters. Like, at least with older horror flicks, there’d be someone sacrificing themselves to save their family or friends or something. But if you defeat the bad guy with not a scratch on you, then why not just make it a Marvel movie or something? I don’t get it.


3. Ghosts Being Modern

DEROSA: While we’re talking about the POLTERGEIST remake, they did another trope that I absolutely can’t stand, and that’s when ghosts do modern stuff, like when ghosts somehow know how to take over iPads and iPhones and HDTVs. I can barely figure out how to use that stuff and you’re telling me a ghost somehow figured out the wiring, how it works and went “I know how I’m really going to mess around with this guy.”

WALSH: Yeah, and on the other hand, I hate when modern stuff is wedged into the story. Like the new POLTERGEIST has the kid fly a drone into a ghost realm, and this family is supposed to be like severely poor. It’s such an unlikely thing for that kid to have a drone, and the idea that the shit even works in a ghost realm is beyond me.


2. Found Footage

WALSH: I’m pretty much done with found footage. I’m even a fan of some of them, but now, they’re all the same and they’re not scary. I think I gave up on found footage when they started using terrible CGI, as if we wouldn’t notice.

DEROSA: I agree. There are some good found footage movies but there’s only so many times you can see someone standing behind someone else and then when they turn around, they’re not there.


1. PG-13, Nudity Free Horror

DEROSA: Back when I was growing up, you could always depend on seeing some excellent nudity in horror films. It was everywhere! You couldn’t turn on a horror movie without seeing a pair of boobs in there somewhere. Now, I can’t remember the last time I saw a good nude scene in a horror movie, and all the ones in the theater are PG-13. It’s disappointing that old staple of horror is virtually gone, and I’d love to see nudity come back to horror.

WALSH: I know there’s sometimes nudity in the indie horror films, but it’s just the same. There’s nothing wrong with nudity in a horror film, especially when there are heads getting cut off left and right. The last time I remember seeing good nudity in a big deal horror film was THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, and that was years ago. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t rely on a studio horror movie to provide worthwhile nudity anymore.

WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL with Joe DeRosa and Patrick Walsh is a production of the FANGORIA Podcast Network. WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL is executive produced by Ken W. Hanley and Thomas DeFeo. For more information, press opportunities and advertising rates pertinent to the FANGORIA Podcast Network, please contact ken@fangoria.com.

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