Although Trovember may be on hold over at THE HORROR SHOW this week, already having covered TERROR FIRMER and CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH, the spirit of Troma remains this week in more ways than one. However, with the day almost upon us, THE HORROR SHOW shows thanks to a holiday horror film guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your mouth: THANKSKILLING! And lest Trovember be ignored completely, Sean and Joe also get to chat with Troma’s next petrifying prodigy, director Kansas Bowling, about her upcoming prehistoric slasher B.C. BUTCHER!

That’s right: you can gobble up the latest installment of THE HORROR SHOW as our hosts carve into one of Joe’s favorite horror offerings, THANKSKILLING. A low-budget exercise in bad taste, dark humor and pun-laden kill scenes, THANKSKILLING is the killer turkey film that THE HORROR SHOW deserves. And all of this happens even before Sean and Joe talk to Kansas Bowling about her high-concept, microbudget film B.C. BUTCHER, which will soon join the likes of James Gunn and Trey Parker as a filmmaker who got their start via Troma!


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