FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW” Show Us Their “STUFF”!


While the FANGORIA Podcast Network is no stranger to the female perspective, with BLOOD LUST’s Bailey Jay and THE RANTS MACABRE’s Melinda Learnard, there’s no female-led horror podcast that captures the FANGORIA attitude better than THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW. Now in their inaugural outing on the FANGORIA Podcast Network, hosts Kate & Tab will be delving into horror films unfortunately absent from their personal canon with a candid and infectious rapport every week. And to start off with a bang, these gruesome girls will be getting neck deep in a 30-year-old cult classic: Larry Cohen’s THE STUFF!

Now in their tenth episode, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW explore Larry Cohen’s satirical, FX-heavy fright film with consideration towards the film’s heavy undertones. Furthermore, Tab delves into Ileana Douglas’ new memoir I BLAME DENNIS HOPPER while Kate brings up the latest cinematic happenings from her Netflix queue. And alongside this debut episode on the FANGORIA Podcast NETWORK, Kate & Tab announce their brand new YouTube channel, which will allow listeners to get a greater look into what horrors THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW have in store.


You can listen to the latest episode of THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW for absolutely free on multiple podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher and via RSS Feed for third party podcast applications. You can also visit the show’s official website HERE, and you can also follow the show on Facebook and Twitter. Check back next week for more Kate & Tab on THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW!

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