FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE HORROR SHOW” Spends an Episode in the “Treehouse of Horror”!


For the first episode of November, THE HORROR SHOW is putting the Halloween season to rest with one of horror’s most tried-and-true traditions: THE SIMPSONS’ “Treehouse of Horror!” That’s right: our hosts Sean and Joe revisit two terrifying installments of the longest-running animated series’ annual Halloween special: the esteemed “Treehouse of Horror V” and the not-so-esteemed “Treehouse of Horror XIX.”

While THE SIMPSONS’ “Treehouse of Horror” has been a part of many horror fan’s Halloween rituals year after year, the arguments over which scary segment is the best rages on. And while THE HORROR SHOW doesn’t seem to offer any definitive answers on that front, Sean and Joe offer up their thoughts on the fifth “Treehouse of Horror” (with the unforgettable SIMPSONS/SHINING mash-up) as well as the more contemporary nineteenth installment (with a horror-themed PEANUTS parody). Meanwhile, THE HORROR SHOW prepares their audience for a Troma-tizing November and their upcoming awards show, The Stanies.


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