FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW” Listens Closely to “The Wet Echo”!


The sinister second season of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW continues this week with a twisted tale that redefines the phrase “looking inward.” As wicked as it is witty and weird, Clay McLeod Chapman’s latest sordid story follows a journeyman who finds more than he bargained for when he explores towards intimate territory. One of the more lighthearted and bizarre tales in Chapman’s repertoire, you should take a deep breath and don’t look back when you listen to “The Wet Echo.”

“The Wet Echo” was written by Clay McLeod Chapman and performed by Abe Goldfarb & Hanna Cheek. To hear this story, you can download the episode FOR FREE via Libsyn, Stitcher and iTunes, and Android users can enter the RSS Feed into your third party podcast listening application, such as BeyondPod. You can also follow Clay and Hanna on Twitter, and check back in 2 weeks for the next installment of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW!

THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW Podcast is a presentation of the FANGORIA Podcast Network. THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is produced by Clay McLeod Chapman, Hanna Cheek, Darren Rosario, Ken W. Hanley and Thomas DeFeo for FANGORIA Entertainment. “The Wet Echo” was recorded and engineered by Darren Rosario, and all material is copyrighted by Clay McLeod Chapman, 2016. Podcast Art provided by Robert Feldman for FANGORIA Entertainment.

For more on Clay McLeod Chapman and THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, please visit Clay’s official website HERE. For more information, press opportunities and advertising rates pertinent to THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, please contact ken@fangoria.com.

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