FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE RANTS MACABRE” Welcomes “MANSON FAMILY VACATION” Guests J. Davis, Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips!


Even though this weekend brings us the horror holiday we’ve all been waiting for, it’s not too late to take a vacation! There’s plenty of horrifying hotspots around the world for one to see this time of year, whether it be the various haunted attractions, frightening film festivals or even the taboo art of dark tourism. And it’s certainly in the last category that this week’s very special episode of THE RANTS MACABRE is rooted in, as our hosts Darren & Mindy take a MANSON FAMILY VACATION with filmmaker J. Davis and stars/producers Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips!

That’s right: the demented minds behind the new dark comedy MANSON FAMILY VACATION sit down with the voices behind THE RANTS MACABRE to talk about the film, Charles Manson and much, much more. Furthermore, Darren & Mindy give their two cents on the creepy comedy, which follows two brothers touring Charles Manson murder sites; One is a devoted family man while the other is devoted to The Family. Be sure to listen to the FREE episode below, and check out MANSON FAMILY VACATION, now in select theaters, VOD, iTunes and more digital platforms from The Orchard, and coming to Netflix on October 27th.


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