As any horror fan can tell you, it’s all too common that a fright flick and its sequel be polar opposites in terms of content and characters. Whether it be ALIEN to ALIENS, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE to TCM2 or BLAIR WITCH to BOOK OF SHADOWS, many properties in the genre tend to take a 180-degree turn when it comes to their proper follow-ups. And it’s certainly with that in mind that this week’s THE RANTS MACABRE operates, as hosts Darren & Mindy check out both MONSTERS and its universe-sharing sequel MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT!

That’s right: THE RANTS MACABRE catches up with Gareth Edwards’ contemplative independent hit MONSTERS as well as Tom Green’s 2015 sequel MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT. While the former follows a quiet, character-driven love story set in a world of extraterrestrial creatures, the latter is a much broader war story that puts the titular terrors in a whole new light. You can check FREE episode below, and check out both MONSTERS and MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT, now on Netflix Instant!


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