FANGORIA Premiere: Canadian Short Horror/Comedy “SPOOKSLAYERS”


Toronto filmmaker Michael Pereira is on the cusp of premiering his latest short genre film, THE RESURRECTIONS OF CLARENCE NEVELDINE next week at the 2014 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. To honor the occasion, FANGORIA spotlights the director with the online premiere of his previous film, the festival fave SPOOKSLAYERS.

In SPOOKSLAYERS (which you can see below), a pack of goofy, low-rent paranormal investigators run for their lives in a haunted suburban house. Fango asked Pereira a few questions about his maiden macabre movie voyage. Have a read…

FANGORIA: What was the concept behind SPOOKSLAYERS? Was it a GHOSTBUSTERS riff?

MICHAEL PEREIRA: Like a lot of kids growing up in the 80’s, GHOSTBUSTERS had a major impact on me. It was fun, had fantastical elements, yet was grounded by its relatable characters. I’m attracted to stories in which ordinary folks have to deal with a larger than life opposition. With SPOOKSLAYERS, I wanted to go one step forward and make my protagonists even less efficient at what they do. The story really began with the characters then the conflict came soon afterwards.

FANG: The film looks great. Who shot it?

PEREIRA: My DP was Ann Tipper. We met through a mutual friend and fine filmmaker in his own right, Craig Stewart who also happens to play the Spookslayer, Wesley. He quickly suggested I approach Ann. I had seen his shorts in the past which she had shot, thought they looked gorgeous and contacted her immediately. Once we recruited her, she got us free access to the Red Epic, a camera she was extremely familiar with. Ann was a terrific collaborator, really encouraged me to think bigger when it came to visualizing my shot list. We had planned things meticulously and managed to get the final product as close as possible to the film I had envisioned — a first for me which was encouraging. Ann’s an incredible talent. We were very fortunate she said yes.

FANG: The film has an outrageous final shot…talk about that ending!

PEREIRA: Right, the ending. Well, I’m a huge fan of Juan Piquer Simon’s sleazefest PIECES, especially the ending which was and still is the ultimate cherry-on-top, a bonus ending for the hardcore fan. That was definitely the inspiration.

FANG:  How does the new film, CLARENCE differ from SPOOKSLAYERS?

PEREIRA: THE RESURRECTIONS OF CLARENCE NEVELDINE is as far removed from SPOOKSLAYERS as you can get. While it does have some humor, it’s a much darker, more experimental piece; a fly-on-the-wall look at the “final girl” trope and watching how she deals with the trauma of that fateful night. I adore the slasher genre but always felt that it couldn’t be that easy to forget how close you’ve approached death, as well as coping with the loss of close friends. So THE RESURRECTIONS OF CLARENCE NEVELDINE is me dealing with those questions on a personal level.

Ready for SPOOKSLAYERS? Here we go…

Spookslayers (LOCKEDMaster 11.20.13) from Michael Pereira on Vimeo.

THE RESURRECTIONS OF CLARENCE NEVELDINE plays Blood in the Snow ahead of BLACK MOUNTAIN on Sunday November 30th at 4:15pm and 6:45pm. Tickets and info here.

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