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FANGORIA Presents acquires “CORPSING”


FANGORIA Presents has acquired writer/director Jeff Monahan’s mad-science movie CORPSING for U.S. distribution, with video-on-demand play slated to begin on August 6. Shot in Pittsburgh, birthplace of George A. Romero’s zombie films, CORPSING is about a woman (Joanna Lowe) who creates a man from the bodies of the dead and falls in love with him.

“We are thrilled that the second volume of FANGORIA Presents will launch with the horrific and darkly romantic CORPSING,” says Meyer Shwarzstein, president of Brainstorm Media and FANGORIA Presents partner. “The film is filled with twists and surprises, and fans will love the strange places this movie goes.”

“I love the fact that CORPSING comes from the land of Romero and Tom Savini,” says FANGORIA president Thomas DeFeo. “The film’s writer, director and co-star, Jeff Monahan, has even worked with Romero and Savini many times in the past. CORPSING has the gruesome goodies that followers of intelligent and bloody horror have come to savor and enjoy.”


For CORPSING (track back through our previous coverage starting here), Monahan, who has appeared in the Romero films BRUISER, THE DARK HALF and TWO EVIL EYES and created and directed the two DEADTIME STORIES horror anthologies (which Romero presented), found creative sparks in the work of his mentor, plus an older source. “The inspiration for CORPSING came partly from Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, partly from every love story that’s ever touched me and partly from those romantic encounters all of us live through,” he says. “It’s a horror film, but it really has heart and something to say about how we create our own lives.”

In CORPSING, Peter (Monahan) was Shelly’s professor in med school. They became friends. Then lovers. But when Shelly (Lowe) started experiments to revive the dead, their relationship ended. Now, years later, Shelly wants to see Peter again. Still in love with her, he goes to her old warehouse laboratory, only to find the once-beautiful girl of his dreams transformed into a living nightmare. She’s in a wheelchair, swathed in bandages, her flesh rotted…and seemingly quite insane. She tells him that she finally succeeded in creating life from the dead by grafting together two men and one woman—and that she and the creature, Thomas, became lovers. Peter doesn’t believe her, especially when Shelly tells him that Thomas has a very special secret…

Despite the gory special makeup by Greg Lightner and Lightko Studios, Monahan feels there’s more to CORSPING than reanimated bodies. “For me, it’s really about how far a person will go to love someone else fully and unconditionally,” says Monahan, who also produced the film with Alfred Sapse.

Monahan is overjoyed that his labor of (undead) love will be distributed by a brand he has been following for over 30 years. “I’ve been a huge fan of FANGORIA magazine since it started,” he says, “so it’s an absolute thrill to have Fango Presents as our distributor. I feel truly privileged and excited to have our film recognized, and can’t think of a better home for us than among the fans. To be part of the history of FANGORIA is to be part of the history of horror. There’s no greater honor than that.”

You can be part of that history too: Horror buffs will be invited to take part in CORPSING’s marketing campaign! Watch for an announcement soon where you can help chose CORPSING’s promotional artwork design, created by three of the industry’s most macabre artists! In the meantime, go here for more details on Volume One of FANGORIA Presents. To find Fango’s Comcast collection on your VOD menu, search this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria.

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