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FANGORIA Presents acquires Spanish shocker “OMNIVORES”


FANGORIA Presents has acquired writer/director Óscar Rojo’s Spanish cannibalism shocker OMNIVORES for U.S. distribution, with Video on Demand play slated to begin everywhere on October 1. Shot in Madrid, OMNIVORES follows a food critic who goes undercover at a secret society that serves people on the menu (see below for more detailed synopsis).

“This is FANGORIA Presents’ first venture into foreign language horror, and a better choice could not be found than with the stylish, slick, scary and well-acted OMNIVORES,” says Meyer Shwarzstein, president of Brainstorm Media and FANGORIA Presents’ partner. “FANGORIA Presents is looking for the most frightening and original horror films from around the world, and OMNIVORES represents the latest step in bringing the best fright flicks to our ardent fans and the general public via Video on Demand and across multiple platforms.”

“With our previous distribution partner, FANGORIA had a huge success releasing the Spanish horror films FRAGILE from [REC] originator Jaume Balaguero and Elio Quiroga’s THE HAUNTING in 2010,” says FANGORIA president Thomas DeFeo. “Spain has served as a major hotbed for horror in recent years, and OMNIVORES continues this trend of classy, nicely-produced films showcasing skin-crawling suspense and graphic chills.”

You are what they eat in OMNIVORES. What started as a simple job may end in a bloody nightmare. Marcos, a prestigious journalist, accepts an undercover writing assignment addressing the recent emergence of “clandestine restaurants.” His investigation leads him to discover that, in one of these establishments, secret gatherings take place during which the participants dine on human flesh in exchange for large sums of money. What started as a typical magazine article will turn into a terrible nightmare where no one is who they seem to be and which will culminate in a surprising and unexpected ending…

See here for more details on FANGORIA Presents. Cox and Comcast subscribers can find the FANGORIA movie collection on their On Demand menu. Stay tuned for more OMNIVORES coverage right here, as well as in the pages of FANGORIA #328, on sale in October.

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