FANGORIA Presents “AXED”: Music to Murder By


In today’s FANGORIA Presents exclusive, we unveil some of the deadly doings in AXED, the second release on our VOD/DVD label (see here for details). The British film’s creators have created a special montage of nasty images from AXED, set to music from the movie. “The composer is Aleksandar Dimitrijevic,” says AXED’s writer/director Ryan Lee Driscoll. “He’s moving from high profile trailers to working in the movies, and he picked AXED to make the break!”

AXED follows the travails of one Kurt Wendell (Jonathan Hansler), a top executive who has just lost his banking job. Unable to tell his family the terrible truth, he punishes everyone around him and has made his home life a living hell. When he’s had enough, he grants his children a day off from school and his wife a break from work to plan a surprise trip to the countryside. Brimming with excitement, Kurt’s family is overjoyed. They have finally got their old father back. But little do they know what Dad has in store for them. One last bit of business. A final project, both sinister and deadly, and he’s set it up to run like clockwork. Daddy might have lost his job, but he knows how to make serious cutbacks…

Prior to AXED, Dimitrijevic has scored the trailers for THE WOLFMAN, WAR OF THE WORLDS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, X-MEN, TERMINATOR SALVATION and HELLBOY II, to name a few. “If you’ve been to the cinema in the last decade, the chances are that you’ve have already been introduced to the incredible work of Aleksandar Dimitrijevic,” says Driscoll. “He’s widely acknowledged as a prolific creator of trailer and promotional music. Alex has been waiting patiently for exactly the right project to come up for him to shift into feature films, and he chose AXED.”

“In many respects horror movies were what first excited me about getting into scoring, and I was totally blown away by Ryan’s rough cut,” Dimitrijevic says. “Even at this stage you could see this little gem of a movie taking shape. The subtle bullying of the child in the early stages… the full-blown fight for survival later on… This was a movie with a really powerful arc. I just had to get involved and do it!”

Driscoll, who also helmed the thriller MAKING A KILLING and edited the chiller FUNNYMAN, knew that Dimitrijevic would be the man to take a swing at AXED. “Alex is highly experienced in the various genres of composing and has successfully recorded with live symphonic orchestras, including an 80 piece orchestra and choir at Abbey Road Studios, London and a 90 piece orchestra in Hollywood.”

Check out Dimitrijevic’s musical mischief below and go here for more info on Driscoll’s chopfest. Watch for further AXED interviews on this site soon.

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