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FANGORIA Presents: “CORPSING”: Now vote for your favorite design & win stuff too!


On Monday we announced that FANGORIA Presents had acquired writer/director Jeff Monahan’s macabre romance CORPSING for U.S. distribution, with Video on Demand play slated to begin everywhere on August 6 (see details here). On Wednesday you met the amazing trio of artists (see here) who we hired to create CORPSING’s cover artwork. Today we unveil their design comps and officially open our CORPSING art competition that will allow you, faithful Fangorian, to vote for your favorite.

The winner will create the final piece of CORPSING artwork. So, drum roll please, take a gander at the nightmarish work painters Vincent Castiglia, Marc Schoenbach and Nick Percival have come up with! After studying each horrific CORPSING design carefully, vote for your favorite below. The artist who gets the most votes wins the gig and will create the final design (what you see here are only comps) for FANGORIA’s summer release of CORPSING. Plus those of you who vote will be part of a random drawing, and a lucky 10 will receive an autographed CORPSING print by their preferred artist! What a collectable!

See here for more details on volume one of FANGORIA Presents. To find Fango’s Comcast collection on your VOD menu, search this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria.


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