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FANGORIA Presents: “GERM Z” Video Diary, Part Five

In the latest FANGORIA Presents release GERM Z, a deadly zombie outbreak spawns after the military executes what becomes a failed attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite. An alien lifeform hitches a ride to Earth posthaste and hooks up with unlucky humans; cue mass cannibalism and zombie mayhem. For this fifth release under the FANGORIA Presents banner (see here for details; to find Fango’s Comcast collection on your VOD channel, search this way: Movies > Movie Collections > Fangoria), GERM Z’s bright filmmaking team put together an exclusive five-part video documentary that reveals details on their unique zombie flick’s production.

In part five (see part one here, two here, three here and four here), creators J.T. Boone and John Craddock deliver special thanks to their dedicated troupe.  GERM Z is currently available for rental at Blockbuster and on VOD. Plus you can buy the movie on DVD August 20. Watch for more GERM Z videos all week long! And check out our interviews with the creative team here and here.

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