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FANGORIA Presents: See “AXED” for Free on Hulu!


FANGORIA Presents has now added the Internet content powerhouse Hulu to its growing list of platform partners, and best of all, you can see our monstrous movies for free there! AXED, the first Fango title to officially go live on Hulu, can be watched now right here. The British fright flick is also available for free on Hulu Plus for Hulu subscribers.

AXED follows the travails of recently fired banker Kurt Wendell (Jonathan Hansler). Unable to tell his family the terrible truth, he punishes everyone around him and has made his home life a living hell. When he’s had enough, he plans a surprise trip to the countryside for his unsuspecting wife and children. But little do they know what Dad has in store for them. Daddy might have lost his job, but he knows how to make serious cutbacks of his own…

If you want more horror films on Hulu such as AXED, be sure to “like” this movie. See here for exclusive AXED interviews.

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Tony Timpone
FANGORIA Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone helps manage the company’s VOD, DVD and digital divisions. For nearly 10 years he served as a Vice President of Acquisitions for FANGORIA’s three separate home video labels, and co-created FANGORIA’S BLOOD DRIVE short film DVD collection, hosted by Rob Zombie. For TV, Timpone was a Co-Producer of cable’s FUSE/FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS and a Consulting Producer to the HORROR HALL OF FAME special. Since 1998, Montreal’s Fantasia film festival has engaged Tony as Co-Director of International Programming.
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