FANGORIA SCREAMERS: Screamfest selects this month’s short film, Bill Palmer’s “VICKI”


The fourth installment in Fangoria.com’s monthly SCREAMERS online short film series – Bill Palmer’s VICKI (2012) – comes to us from guest curator Rachel Belofsky, Director and Programmer of Los Angeles’ annual SCREAMFEST, which celebrates its 13th year from October 8-17, 2013 .

Directed by Bill Palmer | USA 2012 | 14min.

She runs hot. She moves fast. She’s one hell of a ride.

VICKI is a loving, somewhat subtly comedic homage to John Carpenter’s truly underrated CHRISTINE, adapted from the novel by Stephen King. It’s also a tribute to 80’s horror in general, with very controlled compositions, non-choppy edits, a natural lighting style (like the master, Dean Cundy), and a killer synth soundtrack by Umberto and Time Fighter. It’s also NSFW due to language and some gooey red stuff.

Curator’s Note:
VICKI directed by Bill Palmer was well received in the 2012 Screamfest Horror Film Festival. The audience loved the homage to John Carpenter’s CHRISTINE. Those that are a teen-product of the ‘80s will love the nostalgia in this tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy short. VICKI really is a fun ride. Her 14 minute run-time purrs along in 80’s perfection.

About the Filmmaker:Bill Palmer lives out an unending, mildly amusing horror film in LA as a camera operator on sleazy reality shows. When his pockets get fat, he burns the money producing short film scripts he scribbles in notebooks while waiting for D-listers to shamble out of their trailers. His last three shorts screened at bunches of festivals and won some awards and stuff. He recently served as 2nd Unit Director on Henry Saine’s upcoming post-apocalyptic actioner, BOUNTY KILLER, featuring rapper Eve, actress Beverly D’Angelo and philanthropist Gary Busey. He hopes to direct a feature of his own by the next lunar eclipse.

For those who want to check out Palmer’s other work, including the Christmas-themed zom-com THE LIVING WANT ME DEAD and the 80’s action satire BLOOD FROM A STONE, see his vimeo page at: vimeo.com/wcpalmer.

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