FANGORIA Scribe goes crowd-funding with “THE BORLEY RECTORY”

Award winning animator/filmmaker of Gothic phantasmagorias SCAYRECROW and THE SCREAMING SKULL, Ashley Thorpe is prepping his latest bizarre bit of British fear with new film THE BORLEY RECTORY.

Thorpe is a writer for FANGORIA (his latest piece on Axelle Carolyn’s SOULMATES will be seen in the upcoming FANGORIA #326) and has painted exclusive covers for FANGORIA #305 (our bestselling tribute to AMICUS Films) and #308 (Alice Cooper). BORLEY RECTORY may be his most ambitious and expansive project. Legendary rocker Steven Severin (Siouxie and the Banshees) will compose the music while actor Julian Sands will narrate this chilling tale of the most haunted house in England.

We have always supported and believed in Ashley’s work, and we strongly support the prospect of THE BORLEY RECTORY. Why not have a look at Ashley’s elaborately produced campaign (video above) and get on board. For more on Thorpe, see the filmmaker discuss his Carrion Films with Fango editor Chris Alexander below.

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