Fango’s Chris Alexander presents BLOOD FOR IRINA in NYC this Tuesday!


by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-01-28 03:17:19

New York genre fans, don’t miss Fango editor Chris Alexander’s debut feature, the Eurohorror-inspired
fever dream BLOOD FOR IRINA, this Tuesday with Alexander and cast in person.

After taking top honors for Best Horror Film at Brooklyn’s Philip
K. Dick International Film Festival last month, Alexander’s experimental, dialogue-free arthouse scare flick is now coming to Times Scare (a year-round horror attraction and one of 42nd Street’s most haunted buildings) on January 29th at 9:00pm.

In the film, “a dying predator
(Shauna Henry) stalks the streets at night looking for blood. She has
lived over a century; tormented by painful memories, living in a
run-down seaside motel. Her perceptions skewed, her body and mind
revolting against her, her private hell is mirrored by the motel’s
manager, driven by an obsession to protect Irina and keep her secrets
safe. A broken prostitute (Carrie Gemmell) whose desperate plight may be
worse than Irina’s, also haunts the water’s edge.”

For much more, including advanced tickets, visit Times Scare.

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