Fantasia ’14: “LIFE AFTER BETH’s” Aubrey Plaza said “No thanks” to “YOU’RE NEXT”


As part of the team accompanying the excellent LIFE AFTER BETH (opening today in select theaters) to this summer’s Fantasia festival, star Aubrey Plaza sat down with FANGORIA and revealed that she previously turned down the opportunity to be part of a harder-core horror feature.

“I was presented with YOU’RE NEXT, but I didn’t want to do that movie,” she tells us, adding that the role would have been heroine Erin, “the one who kicks everyone’s ass,” ultimately essayed by Sharni Vinson. “There’s something about movies like that, gory murder movies where people are wearing masks—they get under my skin in a way that I don’t like [laughs]. When people have things like animal masks on, that shit freaks me out. I just don’t like ironic masks for killers, you know? A scary mask is one thing, but if they’re wearing a lamb head or something that shouldn’t be scary, that creeps me out—I don’t know why. Like in THE STRANGERS, where they were wearing doll masks; I don’t like that.” Even the cathartic opportunity to fight back against such villains didn’t appeal to her: “I just don’t want to be on set with a bunch of baby-doll heads or lamb heads trying to kill me. I have a hard enough time trying to sleep at night!” See our review of LIFE AFTER BETH here and an interview with writer/director Jeff Baena here, and pick up Fango #335, now on sale, for a feature interview with Plaza about the movie.

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