Fantasia ’15: Actress Kristina Klebe talks “TALES OF HALLOWEEN”


Kristina Klebe has Halloween in her blood. The actress who reinvented the doomed Lynda in Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers remake now toplines Neil Marshall’s segment of TALES OF HALLOWEEN, which world-premieres tonight at Montreal’s Fantasia festival. Fango got some exclusive words with Klebe about her part in the anthology.

In Marshall’s “Bad Seed” segment of TALES OF HALLOWEEN, Klebe plays Detective McNally, trying to stop a killer on the loose on All Hallows’ Eve, “when everything goes ‘batshit crazy,’ as John Savage puts it,” Klebe tells us. Marshall is known for creating strong female parts in movies like THE DESCENT, which the actress cites as “one of my favorite horror movies of the past decade. I love how supportive Neil is of women in both acting and directing roles. McNally is the go-to detective in this town; whenever anything goes wrong, she’s the one you call. She’s strong, and she’s good with a shotgun!”

TALESOFHALLOWEENKLEBENEWSKlebe’s road to landing TALES OF HALLOWEEN actually began with Marshall’s wife, filmmaker and former Fango scribe Axelle Carolyn, who instigated the project and was one of its producers and directors. “I met Axelle at the Etheria Film Festival, a celebration of female horror directors, where her movie SOULMATE was premiering. A few months later, she and Neil came to a HALLOWEEN signing I was doing at Dark Delicacies. When I met him, I guess I had a really strong handshake, and the next day I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to play Detective McNally—which had been written for a man! Neil said that when he met me, he just thought my energy fit the role, and he had a strong instinct about it.”

Klebe, who also made a strong impression in Zack Parker’s PROXY, had previous anthology experience from her turn as Eva Braun in Adam Green’s “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein” in CHILLERAMA. Despite the brevity of such parts, she notes, “I think there’s actually more pressure than on a feature, because you have less time on screen to make your part interesting. Spending only four days with a character isn’t enough time for me to understand them as much as I’d like. I told Neil I would have liked to be able to go deeper into McNally if we’d had more time—but unfortunately, the downside of independent filmmaking is lack of money, and therefore lack of time.

“There is, however, more creative freedom for the directors to cast who they want, rather than having 10 studio execs weighing in,” she adds. “And in an anthology, there is perhaps more freedom for them to creatively explore a story they might never have gotten greenlighted as a feature.”

Others in the “Bad Seed” cast include Green and ALMOST HUMAN/RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL star Graham Skipper, and even under the tight schedule, Klebe recalls, “The only time Neil started to get impatient was on the last day, when Adam and Graham cracked me up so much that I kept messing up my lines! We laughed a lot—but on indie time and money, you have to make sure goofing off doesn’t get in the way of the work.

“I think I may have set a record for doing the most movies revolving around a holiday at this point, if you count SpookyDan Walker’s upcoming SLAY BELLES,” she adds. Klebe will also be seen soon in TALES OF HALLOWEEN director/producer Mike Mendez’s crime/horror hybrid THE LAST HEIST, opposite Henry Rollins (see previous story here). “I play one of the bank robbers, who has quite a bad temper; you pretty much wouldn’t want to start a fight with her,” she says. “Think Anika from PROXY meets Lynda!”

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