Fantastic Fest launches Fantastic Market|Mercado Fantastico


One of the greatest festivals going is taking their penchant for introducing the world to unique international genre gems a step further to inception, development and funding.

The first ever Fantastic Market|Mercado Fantastico will run alongside the 2013 iteration of Fantastic Fest in September with an aim “to connect international film projects — with an emphasis on the kinds of singular genre films for which Fantastic Fest is known — with potential production partners, sales agents and distributors. The first market will highlight new genre narrative projects from across the world, with a particular eye toward filmmakers from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the United States.”

Headed up by Fantastic Fest programmer Rodney Perkins and the Fantastic Fest director Kristen Bell, the two are teaming with CANANA, the Mexican production and distribution outlet helmed by Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz and Julian Levin and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey network to bring it all to fruition. “The Latin movie-going audience is the only demographic increasing in the US.  Because of our proximity to Mexico and Latin America, we see a large number of emerging projects from these countries at Fantastic Fest,” said Fantastic Fest co-founder and creative director Tim League. “Fantastic Market is the next step in the evolution of the festival to help us further our mission to support emerging genre filmmakers from across the globe.”

Submissions will be accepted June 1-July 15. You can learn much more about  the exciting initiative, as well as Fantastic Fest right here. For further reading, pick up Fango #323 for the  latest on the current wave of striking Latin American horror.

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