Fantastic Fest Teaser: “THE INCIDENT”

Having won Best Presentation at last year’s inaugural Fantastic Market | Mercado Fantastico, Mexican filmmaker Isaac Ezban returns to Austin in 2014 with his finished feature debut, THE INCIDENT (EL INCIDENTE).

An existential, surreal work of sci-fi horror, THE INCIDENT follows two groups of people perennially trapped on a neverending highway and in an ever winding staircase. The full synopsis reads: “A pair of brothers are confronted by a policeman in their apartment. A violent struggle ensues. The fight continues into a stairwell. When they attempt to exit, they find that the staircase has turned into an infinitely repeating corridor from which they cannot escape. During the same time frame, a family leaves home for a vacation. They travel down a familiar road towards their destination. As time passes, the stretch of road and the surrounding desert begin to repeat. Like their counterparts in the stairwell, they are also stuck in a loop.”

Making its World Premiere this Sunday, September 21 at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar  as part of Fantastic Fest 2014, the official trailer for THE INCIDENT is now online. For more on Ezban, see our first look at his next feature THE SIMILARS here, and check out his nutso short NASTY STUFF (COSAS FESAS) on Vimeo.

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