Farewell, from Managing Editor Samuel Zimmerman


Maybe it wasn’t my first job, but FANGORIA was my First Job. In 2009, I found luck interning for an institution, under the guidance of Tony Timpone and Michael Gingold, no less. Later, I lucked out again. Tony, Michael and owner Tom DeFeo gave me a real shot by bringing me on board full time. Properly educated in, and particularly ravenous for, film and film history, though I was and may be, I was also still a kid with a developing style and soon, a Slaughtered Lamb tattoo. 

Fango, meaning Tom, Tony, Michael, Allan Dart, Rebekah McKendry, and later Chris Alexander and Kier-La Janisse, gave me space to grow. It was an intimidating gift, figuring out how to be better, all under a loyal, scrutinizing readership comprised of diehard fans and industry alike (pictured above is FANGORIA #281, the first issue I contributed to). It was an immense step, and ultimately an occasion which I think I’ve risen to. I’m assured in my tastes and my abilities to assess, while also understanding that part of admiring horror, loving the genre, is to know you’ll never see it all. The want to discover, the need to catch up, is always alive, lest you be jaded and possibly useless.

The past five years then—of watching the aforementioned team work, making unforgettable personal connections, all while attending screenings, repertory shows, cons, film festivals and film markets across the world—have only proven such. This genre is continuously groundbreaking and appropriately unimaginable. Just last week, I stood in Buenos Aires, exposed to a Latin American scene on the verge of breaking through and bringing another new wave of thrilling filmmaking to horror fans everywhere. There’s no reason to stand still. We should look back, push forward and consistently and furiously take stock.

It’s with this attitude, I find myself saying goodbye to Fango. Though FANGORIA will always be home, I’m taking the chance and offer to head up the Managing Editor position at Shock Till You Drop, where it’s time to see if everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve earned can be molded into something special.

I’d like to say Thank You if you’ve read my words and in the process, had a cool time or a bad time, nodded in agreement or shook your head in proxy embarrassment. I hope you’ll come hang out at Shock and see what I’m doing over there. And I know, like me, you’ll always be a Fango fan, excited to see how the mag and site move ahead.

I’m proud and fortunate to have been a part of Fango history, and I hope Fango feels the same.

Signing off,

Samuel Zimmerman

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Samuel Zimmerman
Fangoria.com Managing Editor Samuel Zimmerman has been at FANGORIA since 2009, where fresh out of the Purchase College Cinema Studies program, he began as an editorial assistant. Since, he’s honed both his writing and karaoke skills and been trusted with the responsibility of jury duty at Austin’s incredible Fantastic Fest. Zimmerman lives in and hails from The Bronx, New York where his pants are too tight and he’ll watch anything with witches.
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