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After trying to get his vampire film THE ETERNAL off the ground for a couple of years, independent director/producer Justin McConnell decided to postpone the project while reconfiguring it for a lower budget. In the meantime, he launched a postapocalyptic horror movie called THE COLLAPSED, which recently wrapped, and sent along a new still from it.

“The film is a labor of love for the cast and crew,” McConnell tells Fango. “I looked at the state of the independent film market as it exists now, realized how dire the situation really is after trying to get our full finance on THE ETERNAL for the past two years and decided to move forward and produce something lower-budget. The result is THE COLLAPSED, which turned out better than anyone could have hoped. I can’t wait for the audience to see what we’ve shot.”

THE COLLAPSED, which was shot with the RED 4K hi-def camera system, follows the Weaver family (played by John Fantasia, Steve Vieira, Lise Moule and Anna Ross) as they make their way from a ravaged city to the small town where they once lived, encountering terrors in the forest along the way. “The film came out a lot like a hybrid of survivalist/postapocalyptic, Western, horror and psychological thrillers,” McConnell says, “so I’m hoping it’ll have wide appeal beyond horror, while still satisfying the gorehounds. The cast and crew all worked wonderfully; lead actor John Fantasia is one to watch—and hopefully this film will help with his exposure. We put him through the wringer, and his range never faltered. The rest of the cast is just as strong, and everyone else brought their A-game the whole way, with special note to DP Pasha Patriki and the talented practical FX/makeup team, lead by Kevin Hutchinson [who also scripted with McConnell]. This isn’t the type of film that will have a ‘red-band’ trailer, but rest assured, we don’t skimp on the red stuff.”

THE COLLAPSED will be sold at the American Film Market later this year, and McConnell plans to send on the festival route in early 2011. Interested distributors and other parties can find out more about the movie at its official website and Facebook page.

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