FIOFF ’15 Submissions To Die For: Marc Roussel’s “THE LAST HALLOWEEN”


Welcome to SUBMISSIONS TO DIE FOR, the latest column focusing on highlights among the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival Submissions. While being featured on this column does not guarantee selection in the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival, SUBMISSIONS TO DIE FOR features some scare fare worth keeping an eye on…

If there’s anything that is close to the heart of a horror fan, it’s Halloween. The one night every year where we’re allowed to indulge in our most wicked, festive and mischievous impulses, there’s a communal yearning for the Halloween atmosphere that lives on in every horror fan. Mythology, Urban Legend and our own imagination play a part in the aesthetics of Halloween, and its in that sacred spirit in which Marc Roussel’s THE LAST HALLOWEEN resides.

A Halloween story that apparently takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape, this short follows a group of four children as they make their way through a decrepit, vaguely suburban landscape, littered with graffiti, rubble and various warning signs. At first, the short plays its hand as if the children may be in peril, coming across their fair share of creeps from house to house (one of which is played with manic gusto by Canadian genre vet Julian Richings). However, when they come across a couple who refuses to stick to the Halloween traditions out of their own paranoid fear, they learn that there’s some things they can’t keep out.


Based on the graphic novel by Mark Thibodeau, THE LAST HALLOWEEN is evocative of many modern Halloween tales, specifically TRICK ‘R TREAT or the notorious Halloween episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. However, where THE LAST HALLOWEEN separates itself from those tales is the overall sense of foreboding that comes along with the story, which keeps every misdirect both fresh and sinister. Compounded with some brilliant, immersive production design from Ash Hrivnak and occasionally surreal visuals, THE LAST HALLOWEEN is the kind of short that serves as an excellent taste into a universe destined for bigger, badder stories.

Director Marc Roussel truly works wonders with THE LAST HALLOWEEN, a balance between the exaggerated, cartoon-like visuals of the source material and the proven creepiness of patient scare fare. Alongside cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson, Roussel makes the world of THE LAST HALLOWEEN pop out at the viewer, grabbing your attention and not letting go until the frightening finish. And with Christopher Guglick evoking ’80s synth goodness from his pulsating score, THE LAST HALLOWEEN latches onto that sweet spot of a bygone era of horror where campfire stories and Halloween heresy reigned supreme.

To submit your film to the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival, you can visit the fest’s official website HERE.

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