First Images, Full Synopsis: Karyn Kusama’s “THE INVITATION”

2015 will see a big return from Karyn Kusama. We know the director is taking part in all female-directed horror anthology XX, alongside the likes of Mary Harron, Jennifer Lynch and Jovanka Vuckovic, as well as anticipating her first feature since 2009’s wonderful JENNIFER’S BODY, THE INVITATION. Now, the first images and a fuller look at the story of the latter have hit. 

Twitch debuted this initial look at THE INVITATION, which stars John Carroll Lynch (seen most recently as Twisty the Clown on AMERICAN HORROR STORY), Logan Marshall Green (PROMETHEUS, THE O.C.) and Tammy Blanchard. The story concerns Will and Eden, who were “once a loving couple with a beautiful child. After a tragedy took their son from them, Eden disappeared suddenly, leaving her grieving husband behind. Three years later, out of the blue, she has returned with a new husband… and as a different person, profoundly and eerily changed.” The synopsis continues:

On a dark night in the Hollywood Hills, Will returns to the house in which they lived for a reunion with Eden, his new girlfriend, Kira, and the group of friends that fell apart in the wake of the tragedy. Over the course of the evening, Will is gripped by mounting evidence that something very insidious has taken hold of his ex-wife, and that the new people in her life have a mysterious and horrifying agenda. But can we trust Will’s hold on reality? Or will he be the unwitting catalyst of the doom he senses?

By the end of the night, the ramifications of what happens in this house will spread far beyond its doors.

The Invitation is a pressure-cooker adult thriller that explodes into a truly shocking climax, steeped in the dark mythology of Southern California. It’s about the way grief can form or deform us, the horror of not knowing what’s inside the people you once loved, and about systems of belief and the terrifying promises they can make.

Above and below, find stills from THE INVITATION and see the full gallery at Twitch. Keep an eye on Fango for much more on the long-awaited new works from Kusama.



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