First Look: Bruce McDonald’s “HELLIONS”


Last week, FANGORIA visited the set of HELLIONS, Bruce McDonald’s upcoming Halloween-themed feature that has fans of PONTYPOOL excited for his return to horror. There, we chatted with the director as well as star Chloe Rose (DARKNET) and recent addition Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2) about the chiller and got a special glimpse of the unique red-tinged look of the film. We couldn’t be more intrigued.

The film centers on teenaged Dora (Rose), faced with an unexpected pregnancy and a Halloween night of torment from the creatures knocking at her door. Local cop Corman (Patrick) may be the expected knight in shining armor, but the actor sets things straight. “She is the hero. I’m here to support her, and help her out and give her the tools she needs to continue on to fight.” This girl is no damsel in distress!

As for that aesthetic, McDonald (pictured, above) explains “every 18 years this red moon rises and this supernatural occurrence happens where the hellions come into our land through the portal in the pumpkin patch… and time acts very strangely so we thought like in the WIZARD OF OZ, she enters this parallel dimension which then gave us the poetic license to shoot in infrared. It gives the film a very particular, very original look.”

Keep an eye on Fango for more on HELLIONS, and click through the photo for a larger look.


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